The dynamic team at Security Credit Services has been building relationships and trust for 13 years. The innovative team is among the top tier of distressed asset buyers and managing companies in the country.

Team Members

Kaye M. Dreifuerst


Kaye M. Dreifuerst joined Security Credit Services (SCS) in 2005 as Chief Acquisition Officer.  She was promoted and named President in early 2014. Prior to joining SCS, Kaye was Vice President of Collections and Recovery at US Bank based in Minneapolis where she had P&L responsibilities as well. While at US Bank she was recognized as having “Best Leadership Practices”  one of the more highly coveted awards given by this organization. She is an industry veteran with over 20 years experience in the collection and debt purchasing industry. She has been responsible for the successful management of over $10 billion in consumer and commercial receivables. Kaye was voted onto the Board of Directors for RMAi in 2008, an organization that plays an important role in providing leadership and guidance for the debt buying industry. She served as President for the RMAi and is still very involved with legislation meetings which help guide the industry.

Brett Soldevila

Chief Compliance Officer

Brett A. Soldevila joined EquiPro in 2012 as Chief Compliance Officer. His responsibilities include ensuring the company complies with regulatory requirements and internal policy and overseeing all audit and investor related functions. Brett is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, and Certified Receivables Compliance Professional. He currently serves as a Board Director for the RMAi, and formerly served as Chair of the RMAi Certification Council and Standards Committee.

Prior to joining EquiPro, Brett was employed by The ServiceMaster Company, a private equity owned, global consumer and commercial services company, where he served in the Internal Audit department. Before joining The ServiceMaster Company, Brett was employed with Deloitte & Touche, where he served in the Audit & Enterprise Risk Services department and worked with clients in a variety of industries.

Leo V. Seicshnaydre, III

Senior Data Analyst

Leo joined EquiPro Investments in 2018 as Senior Data Analyst. He holds a BBA in Management Information Systems and has over 20 years’ experience in the IT/Data industry. Leo has worked in the banking and software industries in many capacities including software engineering, financial data analyzing, and database architecture. Leo keeps the wheels of EquiPro Investments turning by managing the incoming and outgoing data transfers and developing new data analytics for enterprise growth. It is his go-getter, problem-solving attitude that makes Leo an invaluable member of the EquiPro Investments team.

T. K. Kimmel

Executive Vice President

Thomas K. Kimmel, III (“T.K.”) has been in the credit and collection industry for more than 20 years. Over this period of time, T.K. has been responsible for the placement, sale and resolution of more than $9 billion in outstanding receivables.  T.K joined the Security Credit Services team in 2010.  T.K. has been recognized and awarded as a top revenue generator by numerous issuers and investment firms  including one of the top 25 largest banks in the world. His experience translates to all verticals of our industry including banking and retail, commercial, healthcare, student loan, fintech, and telecommunication. It is this experience that has supported his ability to be open minded and creative, all in an effort to get a deal done that works for both sides.

Jessica Marquis

Support Services Manager

Jessica joined the Security Credit services team in 2012. She serves a critical role as the Support Services Manager for Security Credit Services, LLC.  Her responsibilities include oversight of the company’s dispute resolution process, post-sale client support, as well as account data and documentation support.  Prior to Jessica taking a management role, she successfully held a support services role, as well as the merchant services role.  Jessica served as an Admissions Specialist with the University of Mississippi prior to joining Security Credit Services.  She determined admission eligibility for prospective students while interpreting and applying appropriate Federal, State, University, and NCAA rules and regulations. She was recognized and awarded by the Chancellor of the University for her distinguished service, loyalty, and dedication to the University.

Darren Price 

Vice President of Outsource

Darren Price has over 20 years’ experience in the banking and financial services industries. He joined Security Credit Services in 2010 and excels in managing the collection agencies and law firms which work the purchased delinquent receivables. Darren’s industry experience and ability to multitask allow him to effectively manage a variety of third parties ranging from full service to niche specialization. Darren’s previous work includes post charge off recovery for Chase Card Services, a division of JP Morgan Chase, which give him experience managing the sale and arbitration process as well as the outsourcing network.