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Evolving to
EquiPro Investment

In 2018 Security Credit Services made the strategic decision to modify their brand and organizational presence. EquiPro Investments was created to be the new face of the organization. This branding update has helped the company to more clearly communicate who we are, and the services we provide to our creditor partners.

About Us

EquiPro Investments, also known and originated as Security Credit Services, is a nationally known and trusted investment firm which purchases both performing and non-performing account receivables.

Approaching our 15th year in service, we have purchased in excess of $13 billion in asset receivables and are proud to remain one of the most known and Security Credit Servicesnationally recognized brands in purchasing receivables. Security Credit Services is owned and operated by EquiPro Holdings, a privately held investment firm, which also owns and operates a portfolio of thriving financially related services companies (click here to view EquiPro Holdings’ family of companies). Our core strengths reside in the trusted partnerships we create through effective communications.  We are well capitalized yet nimble and efficient in making time sensitive decisions.  We excel in our approach to data analytics and superior compliance standards shared with clients. We remain a leading receivable purchasing firm within our industry and hold both our employees and client partnerships to high standards.

Proprietary Data Analytics

Equipro Investments has developed proprietary processes which deliver the best service to our clients. We use cutting-edge technology to analyze data and make the best business decisions for our partners and creditor partners.